About us

We are a  group of men and women of all ages, different walks of life and  different skills  set dedicated to serving the youth in the community. 




​The Caribbean American Cultural Group, Inc. is  a community based organization that works with young people within our communities on their cultural, educational and physical development. It is a non-profit organization which focus on activities that help advance the lives of young ladies by providing them with Internships, Scholarships, Modeling, Television, Radio and other team building Workshops, Seminars & Events

​It was founded by Ms. Yvonne Peters, a native from the beautiful island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Ms. Peters is best defined as a humanitarian; always determined to motivate, develop and assist those in need.  Ms. Peters has dedicated her services to various organizations and she remains actively involved in various beauty pageants and activities that seek to bring about change in the lives of the young people in her community.