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I am the reigning Miss New York Continental. My name is Shary Solomon. Being a part of the pageant was one of the best things for me. It gave me permission as a woman to be beautiful on the inside and out. I was able to meet some of the greatest women with big hearts, personality and passion. It also allowed me to break the stereotype of “Christian women” being in pageants. It also boosted my confidence and allowed me to have my voice heard, thus creating many opportunities.

 I joined CACG Inc. in its 3rd year and vowed to raise the bar whatever necessary. To day my input was vast especially initiating a Buddy system among the contestants, Mentoring with CACG, Inc members, yearly multiply events ranging from Etiquette training, attending cultural events, essays, in-house interviews, ability to execute on the spot interviews, always rewarding the contestants on surprising challenges gives them a sense of pride and achievement.

CACG, Inc was meant to be a part of my chapter and I gladly accepted it. Never withhold the knowledge you have, share and it always comes back to reward the individual, I't called satisfaction

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