An Evening of Gratitude

 To our Sponsor: Collin Liverpool of Liverpool Law Office P.C.
 To our Outstanding Angel of Transformation for their presentation and for use of their Platform
 Kadeem with Virtual Event Gurus” Zoom Operating Manager
 Leslie Alston……Back-Ground Assistant
 Anderson Smith……Assistant Zoom Operator
 Thank you to the Host & MC Michele Darden
 Thank you to the Young people performances: Freedom Riders & The
McIntosh Girls.
 Kayla McLetchie……2019 Miss New York Continental Cultural Queen.
 Valendia Fontus……for that wonderful rendition
 Andrew Ross…...CACG Photographer
 Nicky Nick Studio Production……CACG Videographer
 Damien McIntosh……Advertisement
 Perrie Allen: Cultural Art Extravaganza & commemorating the event
 Hats off to Adonna Lewis-Dudley for being instrumental for this event.
 Curlina Edwards-Hills
 To Our Audience…...I trust that you enjoyed the evening. Thank you for
your Patronage for we could not have done this event without you
 Thank you: CACG Executive Board and Committee Members; your
services are Totally and Unselfishly Voluntary.

 If you enjoy the evening and want to help to Support or to Sponsor the Organization, please call (917) 592-2788 or 917 902-2830 

Free Will Donation appreciated


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