I am the reigning Miss New York Continental. My name is Shary Solomon. Being a part of the pageant was one of the best things for me. It gave me permission as a woman to be beautiful on the inside and out. I was able to meet some of the greatest women with big hearts, personality and passion. It also allowed me to break the stereotype of “Christian women” being in pageants. It also boosted my confidence and allowed me to have my voice heard, thus creating many opportunities.

Personally, I had some fears and qualms about being in the pageants. One being insecure about my body and two how the Christian society would view me. These fears and doubts quickly disappeared after the pageant coordinators give me encouraging words and assurance that I can win (which I'm sure they did with all the ladies ), they made the environment comfortable enough for me to pick clothing (swimwear) that would make me comfortable, satisfied and confident. Secondly, I was able to freely exercise my Christianity by choosing my Platform and talent piece.  With my talent piece especially, I was able to minister through dance and that made me satisfied.

Miss New York Continental  2016 

As a judge in its second year of pageantry, CACG Inc invited me to be one of 5 judges for the Miss New York Continental Pageant.  I gladly accepted as my historical pageant accolades derived from the international arena.  I needed to witness the capabilities and strengths of our younger women of color, still in their shy and intertaining stages. I was able to see some of what my community offered. Young bright and energetic females revealing their sense of pride no matter how small they seemed.

I joined CACG Inc. in its 3rd year of pageantry, and vowed to raise the bar wherever necessary. To date my input was vast especially initiating a Buddy system among the contestants, Mentoring with CACG, Inc members, yearly multiply events ranging from Etiquette training, attending cultural events, essays, in-house interviews, ability to execute on the spot interviews, always rewarding the contestants for surprising challenges, gives them a sense of pride and achievement. Create and maintain self control weather in our presence or the outside. Teaching different facts of life unimaginable in their personal space and where their comfort zone did not prepare them for.  Being a bit old fashioned helped in many ways as they learned to appreciate how we survived in that past with so little.  CACG, Inc was meant to be a part of my chapter and I gladly accepted it. Never withhold the knowledge you have, share and it always comes back to reward the individual, It's called satisfaction

My name is Angella Katherine, and I am the reigning Miss New York Continental. Having the opportunity to be a part of the pageant was one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. It gave me the permission to be unapologetically me. To let my true self shine through, exuding my inner and outer beauty unto the world around me.


At the beginning of my journey, I had some hesitations about being in the pageant. Some included my insecurities due to my body, how I would be viewed by my family, as well as my Christian peers, and mental doubt. These fears were subsided by the words of Ms. Yvonne Peters. After speaking with her I realized that this pageant was like no other. It wasn’t a beauty pageant, focusing solely on outer physique, but rather one that looks at a person's inner life, and unleashes the Queen that’s lives with in. I was also able to freely express myself and my faith throughout the entire process. I was so comfortable throughout the duration of the pageant, that I was inspired to do a spoken word/ monologue that intertwined my faith and my gun violence platform! Whether it was everyday conversations with the other contestants, or my talent piece, I was given a space to be 100% uniquely me.


Never was I “too fat, too short, too light, or too dark”, to do anything in the pageant. Everyone had a blind eye towards appearance and really worked with you, giving you the tools you need to succeed. Thanks to this life changing experience, I became an even stronger, more vivacious, independent and confident woman. Sashaying away with the crown made me feel like the Queen I always knew I was. With it, I can continue to slay and conquer whatever awaits me at my throne. I encourage all young women like myself to live your best life, work hard, play hard, and love!


 With love, Queen Angella Katherine 2017